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End the struggle with food, body and health so you can increase your vitality, confidence and personal power to ROCK IT and make the impact you’re here to make

Welcome to Body Soul Wisdom School

At Body Soul Wisdom School, we believe that women already hold the innate wisdom they need to feel at home in their body and create the personal power,  confidence, wellbeing and vitality they crave by tuning into their body soul wisdom and TUNING OUT the insanity of comparison, diet culture, and the never ending pressure of who we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to do, and what we are supposed to look like.

We teach women to break this cycle of chronic dieting, insecurity, emotional/compulsive eating and body judgment through:

• Tuning into their own internal nature and Body Soul Wisdom to create a relationship to food, health, body, sexuality, power and expression that is uniquely theirs;

•Building sustainable, repeatable health habits and eating patterns to dismantle the disease and discomfort that comes from ignoring or controlling our bodies through disordered eating, binging & restricting food

 •Re-discovering and honoring our innate rhythms, appetite and desires 

•Creating strategies and support to handle the parts of our lives that we used to turn to food for

 •Listening to ourselves on a deeper soul level that honors our emotions, expression & full appetite for life, wellbeing & vitality

It’s through these connections:: to nature, and to ourselves, that we’re able to live healthier, happier lives through the practice and wisdom of embodiment.  Its then when we can stop obsessing about the size of our thighs and truly step into the calling of our body soul wisdom. 

It’s time to end the war against your body. It’s time to claim the power & wisdom that is inherently yours. It’s time to come home to yourself so you can rock it out there in the world. 

Join the movement toward reclaiming your own Body Soul Wisdom. 

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Hi friend! I’m Amy. Nice to meet you.

I am an Eating Psychology Coach, Functional Nutritionist & Clinical Herbalist.  

I teach women to step off the crazy train of the diet-binge-guilt approach to food and health by tuning into their body soul wisdom so they can fully step into the confidence, optimal wellness and vitality they are craving.    Women have more important passions to give themselves to  than the obsession with the size their thighs, the food they ate yesterday or the number on the scale.  I’m guessing, you’re probably one of these women with a fire in her heart and a calling in her soul.

I started  working with women as a labor & postpartum doula and massage therapist in 2007.  I saw the power of women’s bodies and the potency available (but rarely tapped) as I helped woman after woman give birth and care for newborns and I knew that I wanted to influence the way women related to their bodies and the electric potency that women’s bodies hold.

Alongside a deep study of feminine sexuality & relationships  through the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, I broke free of my own disordered eating behaviors, dismantled the diet culture insanity that had run my life up to that point and knew that this was the area I wanted to help all women find their own freedom and reclaim the power and passion for life that is possible when we step out and define our confidence, wellbeing and relationship to food, appetite and power in a way that is uniquely our own.

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