This quote could so easily be seen as a mantra for moralistic clean eating or high vibes. But it’s not that. At all. ⠀

Instead, I am thinking of the connections among all things today. And how, when we aren’t listening to our soul, we lose our power, our deeper knowing. Our own unique expression of vibrancy begins to fade and discontent and defense starts to set in. ⠀

And then the compensations and subtle feeling of disappointment/despair/jadedness comes. ⠀

Maybe you try harder to be good, to think positive, to over come the heaviness that sets in when we feel disconnected. ⠀

Or maybe, like I used to, you compensate by eating the entire bag of candy instead of saying how you feel, or ordering food you know is going to leave you feeling lethargic and hung over. ⠀

And so, I have made it a practice in my life to make time for listening to my soul. Except that perfection is a myth and sometimes I still slip and lose my way. I know that when I am making choices that don’t feel steeped in satisfaction and pleasure, I am likely further from my center point than I want to be. ⠀

It means nothing about clean eating or high vibes, because I can enjoy roasted brussel sprouts just as much as a bag of gummy bears, a good cry as much as accomplishing a big project at work. it’s about knowing when I’m choosing from a place of being in my power and listening to my body soul wisdom (which sometimes asks for the joy of gummy bears!) or compensating for something I don’t want to deal with in my life by stuffing it instead of standing in my power and listening to my soul voice. #ajwriting