About Amy Jones

Hi, I’m Amy Jones.

I help women, like you,  stop obsessing about food so you can use that energy to do great things.

I bring together the best of nutrition, herbal medicine, eating psychology and spiritual wisdom. I specifically work with women professionals and entrepreneurs on the rise. You want to make a big impact in the world and you want to make sure that you are consistently energized and fully fueled to do that – body and soul.

That’s our work together.

I believe in the power & wisdom of women’s bodies

As a former doula, I’ve experienced the raw power and innate wisdom of our bodies

∇ I believe this power and wisdom is the biggest untapped resource we have as women.

As a feminist, I recognize the degree to which societal conditioning and diet culture have pitted us against our bodies

∇ I believe we’ve been systemically taught to ignore, deny and control this power through a pre-occupation (dare I say obsession) with weight loss, dieting, beauty and fitting someone else’s idea of a “good woman.”

As a former dieter, I know that our bodies will ultimately reject restriction and control

∇ I believe when we strip away the layers of societal conditioning and diet culture, we reclaim full access to our inherent nature, wildness and embodiment.

As an herbalist, I know that our bodies are a beautiful expression of nature

∇ I know the potency, spark and electricity this natural expression can ignite.  It is kindling waiting to be sparked.

As a sister on the path, I am here to help you reclaim that spark so you can fully come alive.

∇ What I know for sure is our soul essence is made of a centered, magnetic and fully alive presence.  It’s a place where anything is possible.

I’ve been where you are

I started being obsessed with the size of my body around age 7 when my mom went on a diet.  Combine that with a lot of emotional eating habits, a meat and potatoes (and a Little Debbie’s & Apple Jacks) diet, and the weight loss and fashion industries yelling about how to be thinner, more beautiful and just plain different than what I was, and I ended up with plenty of confusing, complicated and jumbled wiring when it came to food, body and health.

I didn’t even know I had an issue. I jumped on the merry-go-round of diets, exercise plans and self-loathing, without much result. It wasn’t until I expored energy work, and what it meant to be embodied, that I was able to see I’d been working against my body, and needed to completely overhaul my relationship with food.

Your embodiment is key…

For 5 years, I lived and worked in a residential community centered around the practice of Orgasmic Meditation.  As both a student, and a coach in the philosophy and practice of OM, I learned I was not my thoughts and that my body could have a wholly separate experience from what my mind was telling me.  This body-based experience was more connected to the present moment and the reality of my senses than anything my mind could conjure.   I learned to listen to the voice of my body at a deep and nuanced level and through that listening came a commitment to an embodied relationship that guides my life and allows me to live fully alive, connected and magnetic.

This kind of connected, embodied and confident experience is available for you, too.  It’s the heart of my work with women.

I’m on a mission for women’s power, embodiment + community

I was raised by women.  I was a women’s studies major in college.  I lived for 5 years in a community dedicated to studying the feminine archetype and feminine orgasm.  I’m just a wee bit committed in this lifetime to helping women get free of the confines of cultural conditioning, outmoded ways of living and destructive beliefs and thoughts. 😉

What does this look like? It’s women’s magazines not being full of half naked, airbrushed women with articles focusing on hair, not health. It’s where we value women for who they are, not what they look like. It’s empowering women to choose what’s right for them, whether it’s staying home with a family, having a career or both — and de-stigmatizing whatever they feel is best. It’s changing the conversation and relationship with food, so it’s used as something to nourish oneself, not as a reward, or a punishment… and it’s doing away with the idea of guilty pleasures, because there should never be shame when it comes to food choices.

I know all of this is possible, and that it’s done best in community, amongst other women who are dedicated to lifting one another up because as they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.   It is in community we see that we are not alone in the struggle we have and not only are we not alone, but we can rise together to create a bigger, better, bolder future for our daughters.

I’m an activist, feminist and am here to change the conversation around women’s bodies and our relationship to food, pleasure & health.

I stumbled across women’s studies in college,  filling an elective and was immediately like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE.  All of the struggle and strife of growing up in a bigger female body in a small, rural farm town were addressed in the feminist movement. It’s my mission to help women come home to themselves, instead of being at war with themselves. It’s about pulling back all of the layers society has placed on women through expectations, unachievable standards of perfection, and stereotypes, and accepting yourself exactly as you are.

Mother Nature exists in extremes, and uses them to self-regulate. She is completely unapologetic for “who” she is, her actions and her impact because she knows the perfection of all that she is-and so too should we. I believe women should be free to express their spontaneous chaos, to honour their rhythms, to choose what standards they live by, and be the only deciding factor in how they feel. I continue to believe in women’s rights, and breaking down the insidious, unconscious and subtle negative ways we treat women everywhere.

The relationship you crave with food and body is totally possible. I can show you how.

One thing I appreciate so much about coaching with Amy is the exquisite level of attention and care she placed on me in our sessions. She was able to listen and clearly see my patterns and gently reflect back to me the things that were not working for me and guide me to discover new choices. She helped me practice loving kindness with myself and reminded me of the importance of self care. Amy has helped me greatly improve my relationship with myself.

Tami B.

Amy has been such a touchstone of support over the years that I’ve known her. Her insight and wisdom never cease to amaze me. Amy literally walks her talk, and has been instrumental in helping me uncover behaviors and thoughts that get in the way of me having the things that I desire. Her presence is direct, grounding, loving, and nourishing. She’s also got an amazing sense of humor! She knows how to say the hard things with unwavering support and encouragement, and she has so much knowledge to offer around the deep down, uncomfortable, hard-to-discuss things that often plague women. Amy is a joy to work with and I’m so blessed to have someone like her on my team of professionals that I can turn to for support with my own journey and my own blind spots.

Brittany E.

This process is a gift! I signed up for Body Soul Wisdom School because I had never felt comfortable in my own skin. No matter what physical condition I was in, I have always wanted to hide. When I read the offering, I thought it may be a great opportunity to own the story around my body and then rewrite the ending. Through Amy’s precise attention and direct, no bullsh*t coaching, I was able to see the unconscious commitment I was holding onto that was keeping me stuck in my patterns. About 4 weeks into the program, things really started to shift for me. Not through willpower or determination, just naturally. I can truthfully say that I have started to make peace with my physical self. The heavy judgment and criticism is fading. A desire to love and nourish my physical self is now present every day. And Amy is a badass truth teller that will help set you free.

Tiffany N.

Amy is an amazing coach. She has an ability to see my blind spots and tell me the honest truth in a way that is digestible. Sometimes my pride and ego get in the way. She is able to bypass these blocks. I am a better man because of her. I am grateful for her patience and attention she gives as a coach that allows me to grow and change.

Rob S.