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Just wanted to say thank you for the most incredible coaching session today. I went on to have a really amazing evening. I was at a dinner and for a second I felt myself freeze up and get tight and go a little cold and then I just breathed into and thought ok what if I let myself be a little silly here. So all of a sudden I was out and feeling kind of crazy but happy and it felt nourishing and good and I wanted to be exactly where I was in that moment.
I had always distantly felt there was deep connection between food and intimacy but I have never felt it quite so clearly and literally before.


Amy Jones is an incredible coach. Her own exploration and transformation serves to assist others in doing their work with understanding, humor, gentleness, intensity, inspirational stories, or whatever is called for. And, always, it is with deep approval.
I was most deeply impacted by Amy’s understanding of the feminine, as something to bring out and claim—in its softness and nurturing qualities, and also in its ferocious and mysterious qualities. She makes being a woman as broad and as deep as an individual desires, and she gives permission to explore absolutely anything that wants to arise!

Dr. Alexandra Stockwell