Maybe you feel some version of the following…

  • You live with a chronic dis-satisfaction, discomfort and constant scrutiny about your food and body.
  • You’re used to guilt and shame, sneaking and secretiveness being part of your relationship to how you eat.
  • You’ve tried every which way to lose weight, “get healthy” and kick the food cravings,  yet you still find yourself struggling and lacking the confidence and peace of mind you truly crave.
  • You genuinely want to care for your body and eat well and you feel lost and hopeless in the sea of crazy diet culture and fitness crazes.

I get it.  I’ve been there.  Welcome home.  You’re not alone.

Here’s what I imagine you might want for yourself:
  • You want to let go of the insecurity and nervousness that comes with feeling less than confident and at ease in your body.
  • You want to eat to nourish yourself instead of eating to soothe your emotions, bury your insecurity or numb yourself out.
  • You want to feel good in your body and at peace with food so you can rock your life with confidence, grace and a whole lot of fun.
With this program you can stop all that once and for all.  No more articles about dressing to look 10 lbs thinner, or avoiding the dessert table or crash dieting to fit into that bridesmaids dresses.

No more guilt or shame about what you want to eat, what you *did*
eat or how you haven’t met your goal (yet again).

What I know for sure is that the key to unlocking freedom with food and body starts by embracing who we are as women, from the inside out.  When you get to the heart of who you are as a woman, how your body works and what it is really asking for, you’ve found the path to real, true peace and ease with food, where you can make friends with your body and feel at home in your skin.
I can guide you from where you are,
to where you want
to be. 
It’s your journey, your body
and your health, but
as a nutritionist, herbalist and coach,
I have a REALLY
BIG toolbox to help you sort out all
the pieces around
food and body to land in the place
you TRULY want to
confident, powerful and at home
in your body. 

I currently have 3 ways to dive in together:

Change Your Relationship to Food Mini Course

In our diet crazed thin-equals-health culture, it can be REALLY challenging to figure out how to eat in a way that isn’t about starving yourself, counting calories and feeling obsessed with food.  This self paced mini course provides an excellent foundation for helping you sort out where you are with food and how to get to where you want to be.

I’ve created simple, effective strategies & techniques to change your mindset, behaviors and relationship to food so that you never have to feel trapped by food and eating again.

Embodied Vitality Personal Coaching

It’s time to get off the diet-food obsession-body hatred cycle and FINALLY step into having the body, health, confidence and peace of mind you’ve really been craving.  Read more about the 1-1 Embodied Vitality Coaching Package here.

Read more about the Embodied Vitality Program Here

6 payments of $575 or one payment of $6250

Body Confidence Breakthrough

It’s not an easy feat to feel at home in our body’s, but it is possible.   And the rewards of doing so FAR outweigh the struggle to contort, deprive and kill ourselves to achieve an ideal that we’ve been convinced is the best way to look.

Any change starts with love and acceptance and in this mini course, you’ll learn to do exactly that; love and accept yourself in the skin your in. And then, if change is really on the menu, it can come from an effortless place rather than a forced place.

Body Breakthrough Session

Some women want to “try before they buy” kind of option.  And if that’s you, the Body Breakthrough Session is your ticket.

We’ll jam on Zoom for 60 minutes where I’ll listen to where you feel stuck with food, health, dieting and body image and I’ll then I’ll dive in- offering nutritional guidance, simple lifestyle practices and mental, emotional and spiritual coaching to help you shift your mindset, beliefs and approach.

You’ll walk away with at least 3 tangible actions steps AND a recording of our call together to go back and listen to the gems of wisdom that came out of our time together.

I am a strong willed person, and although I desperately wanted and needed the help, it took an even stronger and grounded force to hold me, while I peeled away the layers that were there. That’s where Amy came in. Working with Amy isn’t necessarily easy. She makes it hard to hide from yourself and she is willing to call it like she sees it. I’ve seen so much progress in the last few months. She was right, this wasn’t a journey about me losing 100lbs, but it sure was a journey about meeting and learning to love myself exactly how I am.

Laura M.

Working with Amy as a coach is refreshing and transformative. She guided me to the love and approval I had always searched for by giving me permission over and over to surrender to the freedom that comes with self acceptance and love. She always gently nudged me with thought provoking questions free of judgment. She opened up a whole new way of looking at myself, the world around me and relationships. She uses humor, compassion and creative curiosity to dig deep and find what you’re really looking for to have the life you always wanted.

Tara W.